Diane Harkey, Dana Point Assemblywoman, Helps Kill Bill That Would've Banned Lobbyist Gifts of Tickets to Politicos

Wow, we haven't checked in on Dana Point-area Assemblywoman Diane Harkey in a couple of years--really, ever since former Weekling (and current Atlantic guy) Spencer Kornhaber took her down a couple of notches some years back. But when you're a self-professed small-government zealot who rails against government giveaways except when they involve free tickets for you and your pals, we can't help but to pay attention anew to Harkey.

So, hola, Diane! Still a Know Nothing? You know it!

Harkey is the vice-chair of the California Assembly Appropriations Committee, whose members include OC assemblymen Don Wagner, Chris Norby, and Jose Solorio. As vice-chair, Harkey has the power to have votes on bills that come before the committee. So when a bill authored by state senator Sam Blakeslee of San Luis Obispo (a Republican) that proposed to ban California elected officials free tickets to concerts, sporting events, and other fun times offered by lobbyists came before the committee, the bill was shelved for the second straight year.

"Once again, the Legislature failed to act on good-government reforms to improve the culture and transparency in the Capitol," the Sacramento Bee quoted Blakeslee as saying last year. "Instead, Sacramento has yet again killed reform bills behind closed doors."

You expect Democrats to accept freebies left and right from anyone who'll give them free gifts, but it's always HILARIOUS to have Republicans claim the moral high ground, and crash down to Earth again and again. So, congrats Diane: you're back in our scope! KIT!

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