DeVore Now Bugs Henley, Boxer AND Scrooge McDuck (Updated)
Barbara Boxer

DeVore Now Bugs Henley, Boxer AND Scrooge McDuck (Updated)

We vowed to be more sparing in our blog coverage of Irvine Assemblyman/2010 senatorial candidate Chuck DeVore's publicity campaign to seem like the most affably goofy nuclear-power lobbyist in the state. But it's time for an update, because DeVore's gone and made another Don Henley parody. This one jabs at Barbara Boxer, his 2010 opponent (contingent on the highly dubious assumption that DeVore will win the Republican primary)

It's called "All She Wants To Do is Tax," a rip-off of Henley's "All She Wants to Do is Dance." We'd embed it here, but last time we tried that, it turned into a whole legal drama. So instead, just head over to YouTube -- unless Henley's taken it down by now.

The video is a little more put-together than the "Boys of Summer" Obama diss, mainly because it features images other than still photos of the targeted person. What kind of images? Well, there's some stock video of hands grabbing money. And there's some stuff with Scrooge McDuck. The countdown to the lawsuit from Disney begins now.

More entertaining than the video is the response from Barbara Boxer over at Daily Pilot editor Paul Anderson's blog:

"He seems to spend a lot of time writing song lyrics. Is he running for senate or a Grammy nomination?" Boxer spokeswoman Rose Kapolczynski said, tongue firmly in cheek. "On taxes, Sen. Boxer has a strong record of support for middle-class tax cuts throughout her career. And she has introduced bills this year to provide a tax credit for self-employed people who pay their own healthcare premiums, to increase the tax credit for alternative fuel vehicles and a bill to increase the childcare tax credit. The economic recovery bill, which she strongly supported, included more than $200 billion in tax cuts, so while Chuck DeVore is writing song lyrics she is working for tax cuts in Washington."

Ha! DeVore responds by pointing out that Boxer's spent a portion of her time in office writing books, including a novel that's being outsold by DeVore's own anti-Communist fiction, China Attacks.

And not too get too much into policy -- cuz who the hell wants to talk about that when there are legal threats from washed up '70s rockers to be discussed -- but Boxer does have a point in that this "tax tax tax" line of mudslinging is pretty weak. Anderson says that DeVore favors "a sort-of flat tax for polluters" instead of cap-and-trade. Regardless of how sensible that proposition is, it is a tax. DeVore better tread lightly, or else he'll be forced to face another challenger about as hip as Don Henley: tea parties.

Update, 4:22 p.m.: An DeVore staffer just called to clarify DeVore's statement about "a sort-of flat tax for polluters." Apparently, DeVore doesn't support any kind of tax on polluters -- he was just telling Paul Anderson that if he did, a flat tax would be better than cap-and-trade. False alarm, Grover Norquist!


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