Photo by Matt Otto
Photo by Matt Otto

Desiree Funsch

Desiree Funsch is 28 years old. She's a mother of two and married five years to her pierced, punk activist husband, Jeff. She is tall and really pretty, and she works as a paralegal 9-to-5 before getting on her high horse and activizing all over the county. Still, she's the quiet type who does the grunt work that needs to be done rather than spouting off and speechifying. We've seen her everywhere from manning Progressive Democrats of America house party fundraisers in Laguna Beach (while Jeff manned the barbecue) to Van Tran's goddamn pancake breakfast, where she sat immobile and glowered at all the Republicans. Just for you, we got her to talk.

Being able to hang out at beautiful Pier Plaza in Huntington Beach and protest Congressman Rohrabacher, a.k.a. War-backer, a.k.a. Piece of Shit Coward. "I think he may be the worst California has to offer, and he needs to be kicked out of his PCH office and put to work cleaning the bed pans at the VA Hospital." Pier Plaza, foot of Main St., Huntington Beach.

Hanging out with the lovely ladies and evolved men of CodePink at the Circle in Orange on Wednesdays to protest this disgusting (not to mention illegal) war. "It is always funny to hear 'Get a job!' at 6 p.m. when I have finally left the 9-to-5 grind to do something meaningful." Orange Circle, Glassell St. and Chapman Ave., Orange. Every Wed., 6 p.m.

Having media other than the confused Republicans at theRegister who think they are Libertarians—such as theOC Weekly! "And of course all of its fine columnists, who always offer a fresh perspective, often brutally candid." Available at better newsstands everywhere.

Tanaka Farms."They sport about 30 acres (which the Irvine Company owns and charges an astronomical amount for) of wonderful organic produce. They offer tours where you can learn about the produce, and they give out samples pulled right from the earth, still dirty and delicious. It is easy to leave there with 20 pounds." 5380 3/4 University Dr., Irvine, (949) 653-2100;

Everyone knows OC is RED. "I think the name "Orange" County came from all the yellow-bellied Republicans: mix yellow and red, and you get orange. So all of us to the left of these 'orange' Republicans have our work cut out for us. There is work to be done here and we are up to the challenge. I enjoy challenges."

Candidates Steve Young (CA-48 vs. Campbell), Florice Hoffman (CA-40 vs. Royce) and Jim Brandt (CA-46 vs. War-Backer) working to kick some neo-con ass this fall."These candidates work closely with their supporters and encourage the real grassroots efforts that we need to repair the damage Shrub has caused." Register to vote at any post office.

People here are generally friendly. "There are always exceptions, such as those who still proudly display their 'W' sticker and tell us war is good."

Anyone who is interested in becoming more involved. "Nothing but opportunities to do so—for example, we have outstanding reading-advocacy programs, land-preservation groups and politically charged groups run by committed volunteers. You can find a spot doing whatever motivates you."

Orange County Peace Coalition. "Several peace-minded organizations meet regularly to discuss ideas on how to create a better world for my children—and your children, too. I have met so many wonderful, kind-hearted, intelligent peace-loving people through the coalition, and I encourage others to become more involved with them." P.O. Box 41, Orange, (714) 637-8313;

Good weather."And Rohrabacher should not get to enjoy the weather from his oceanfront office on the taxpayer's dime. A-hole." Temperate climate available almost every day, countywide, free.


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