Jensen at the meeting
Jensen at the meeting
Photo by Jack Gould

Department of Corrections

In a May 30, 2013, article, "Christian Conservatives Confront the Anti-Christ in Newport Beach," we reported that Paul Jensen said "straight sex" is in danger of surviving because of homosexuals. Jensen never said "straight sex." We regret the error. In addition, Jensen also claims that we misinterpreted his speech to make him out to be a nasty homophobe. As we showed in our story, Jensen made clear numerous times in his speech that in a culture with increasing acceptance of homosexuals, he fears young, "morally straight [and] clean" Scouts will be influenced, if not sexually corrupted, by future predatory, gay, adult Scout leaders--hence, his opposition to gay Scouts or Scouts leaders. Readers can make up their own mind by watching Jensen's speech at

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