Dennis Rodman: Drunk Celebrity or Ultimate Promoter?

On Thursday, the same day the new season of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew premiered on VH-1, one of the celebraholics was drinking vodka in an Irvine restaurant and had to eventually be escorted out by police, reports

Of course, since that alleged celebraholic was Dennis Rodman, is it really news?

The Worm has come in contact with local police officers more than the front seat of a decommissioned squad car at this point.


It all went down Thursday--law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Rodman was drinking at a restaurant called Waterfalls

inside the Atrium Hotel. We're told cops were called after several patrons complained about Rodman's behavior.

Sources at the restaurant tell TMZ Rodman had at least one vodka drink before cops were called.

Rodman was "cooperative" with officers and eventually agreed to leave without further incident, TMZ goes on to report.

It could just be that the former Newport Beach resident was purposely drawing attention to himself to help promote Celebrity Rehab. He always was the NBA's ultimate team player.

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