Rodman. Still this happy today?
Rodman. Still this happy today?
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Dennis Rodman Could Get 2 Years in Jail for Alleged Role in Hit-and-Run

Dennis Rodman was charged today with misdemeanor counts in a July 20 hit-and-run collision on the 5 freeway in Santa Ana that, with a conviction, could put The Worm behind bars for two years, according to prosecutors.

You may recall that the 55-year-old Newport Beach resident and NBA Hall of Famer had claimed in August,  "Nothing happened."

Early in the morning, a luxury SUV was heading the wrong direction in the carpool lane, causing a BMW driver to swerve out of the way and into the divider, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Questioned by responding officers, the BMW driver said the SUV driver appeared to be Rodman, who got back into his ride and drove away after the wreck, the CHP said.

That prompted CHP investigators to say they wanted to question Rodman, who said during an Atlantic City, New Jersey, book signing, “Life is good–that’s why I’ve never been charged. Guess what? Nothing happened. There was no wreck, there was no injuries, there was no nothing, so I guess it’s going on hearsay.”

The collision story was quickly overtaken by the one where Rodman explained how his penis broke three different times.

The Orange County District Attorney's office today charged Rodman with one misdemeanor count of hit and run with property damage, one misdemeanor count of driving a motor vehicle across a dividing section, one misdemeanor count of giving false information to a police officer, and one misdemeanor count of driving a motor vehicle without a valid license.

He is scheduled to be arraigned on Jan. 20 in Santa Ana.


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