Arnold chills out after his electoral defeat.
Arnold chills out after his electoral defeat.

Democracy Works, Now We Can't Pay For Anything

Your post-election roundup:

Five no's and a yes. Props 1A through 1E got spanked by heavy margins: about 65% "no" on each statewide, and an overwhelming 75% in Orange County. The LA Times has a neato county-by-county results map (which is very similar to the official Secretary of State map, but prettier). The Reg has the city-by-city results. Even liberal-ish Santa Ana rejected, say, Prop 1A with 65% no-votes. Prop 1F, the one restricting pay raises for legislators, won approval from 74% of California voters.

Arnold spent much of Election Day in D.C., gladhanding for Obama's new fuel-efficiency initiative. He had fought hard for the propositions. After the results came out, he said, "I respect the will of the people..." etc., etc.

Hmm, now about that budget... The ballot propositions were designed, after all, to shore up some of the horrendous fiscal gaps lawmakers faced earlier this year. But now, to borrow a phrase that is being used literally every time someone talks about the budget, they've got to make some "tough choices." In Orange County, that means expenditures in Orange County government are shrinking by $1 billion (not completely contingent on the propositions, mind you), with public safety departments next in line to be chopped (they already trimmed social services earlier inthe year).  Norberto Santana Jr. at the Reg says it looks like there are about 162 sheriffs department jobs on the table. Scott Martindale points out that any hopes by local school boards that they wouldn't have to lay off more people were dashed to the rocks by this eleciton.

The Times finally picks up the bees-threaten-voters story. Thank god the mainstream media is no longer silent on this issue.


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