Debt Ceiling, Schmebt Ceiling: Let's Eliminate Money

Debt Ceiling, Schmebt Ceiling: Let's Eliminate Money

While the debt-ceiling crisis was averted today, even President Barack Obama indicated that much more work needs to be done in a Washington, D.C., that's split between those who do not want to tax the super rich and those who do not want to cut services to the very poor.

Perhaps everyone is focused on the wrong root of all this evil: money. Why not just get rid of money altogether, as the following five experts suggest . . .

1) Jonathan Carr used to be a wealth manager in Southern California. He went on to found Fixing Capitalism, a nonprofit association of financial thinkers advocating a moneyless global economy. It's also the title of Carr's new book that promotes the theory of Networked Capitalism, which would give consumers access to unlimited goods and services as long as they are active producers contributing to the overall economy.

"A limited supply of money also limits how much the economy can produce," explains the Jeremy Renner lookalike. "No person, business or government has enough money to live their lives or operate the way they want. This holds us back from doing everything we could and creates tension and conflict between what we need and what we can have. Once we network the economy and enable everyone to demand whatever they need from the economy, it will create many more goods and services, there will be decreased crime, smaller governments and less tension around the world." His book is available for purchase (with money, one assumes) through

3) Jeffrey of Troy hails from Ypsitucky, Michigan, was born in 1971 and is "INTP/Rational." He also claims money is "is inefficient, impractical, and immoral." (The bold being his.) "The Thinker," as his blog identifies him, goes on to give his rationale under the headings "It's a Scam," "It's Evil" and "It's Unneccesary."

If only we had listened to J to the T in 2005, when he originally made his call to eliminate money. By now we would have been sparred the term "debt ceiling," the repeated shots of Mitch McConnell's reptilian mug on the teevee and countless Boehner/Boner jokes.

4) "What if some magical force came over the entire world--like Santa and his 8 tiny reindeer--that suddenly compelled every human being on Earth to wake up on a particular morning and decide that they were going to go about their normal, everyday lives . . . changing absolutely nothing about their routine, except they had no need or desire for money?" asks Mike Lewitz, a professional marketer, international speaker and small business coach out of Arizona.

He goes on to make a spiritually tinged argument on his blog that holds some people would, say, paint your house, wash your car or make you Doritos because that's what they do. Others would provide services because they have been called to provide services, whatever they are. Lewitz says that, professionally, he has discovered high achievers are really givers, and he sees no reason why they would not continue to be were money cut out of the equation. But when his theory runs into the reality of supply vs. demand, Lewitz suggests that maybe "scarcity" is what must really be eliminated.

5) Busty Raquel of claims that if the Bible had been correctly translated, we'd know money is evil. She also says if LSD, Ecstasy and marijuana were legalized, there would be no need for psychiatric drugs like Xanax and Prozac.

I think I love her:


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