Deborah Pauly "Filling Big Hole" DeVore Left, Having Three-Way with Candidates Spitzer and Bucher

When Republican former assemblyman Chuck DeVore announced Friday he was moving to Texas and not, as previously announced, running against Republican former assemblyman Todd Spitzer for an open Orange County Board of Supervisors seat, the race lost an anti-tax and pro-morality nut. When Mark Bucher then revealed he will face Spitzer in 2012, the race gained a Christian conservative nut. Now, Deborah Pauly has thrown her hate hat into the ring to bring the contest just a plain ol' nut.

Red County, the Fox News of Orange County politics as it always skews on the side of the GOP establishment, scoops the free world by passing along the following from the Villa Park city councilwoman:


"Chuck DeVore's Departure Leaves A Big Hole in the Race That I Intend to Fill"

OCTOBER 17, 2011 - Orange County, Calif.

In a surprise announcement at the regular meeting of the Central Committee, Republican Party of Orange County, Deborah Pauly declared her candidacy for the Board of Supervisors, 3rd District.

"Chuck DeVore's email last Friday that he was moving out-of-state left a big hold (sic) in this race," said Pauly. "The voters in the 3rd District deserve to see a true limited government, fiscal conservative on the ballot. Chuck was a man of principle and integrity, who could not be bought. He could always be counted on to do the right thing by the taxpayers he represented.

"I was very sad to see him leave the Board of Supervisors race because he best represents the way I think," said Pauly. "I intend to fill the void that he left."

The Honorable Deborah Pauly is serving her second term as Councilwoman for the City of Villa Park. In a Tea Party upset of entrenched party leaders this past January, she was elected by her peers to serve as 1st Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Orange County.

The 3rd District is currently represented by Bill Campbell, who terms out in 2012. The district covers Anaheim Hills, Cowan Heights, El Modena, Irvine, Lemon Heights, Orange, Orange Park Acres, Tustin, North Tustin, Villa Park, Yorba Linda and the canyons.

OK, I can't be the only one out there snickering at the subhead? And Pauly is just the gal to be packing the equipment to fill big holes. She has made her mark in county politics by alienating her Villa Park council colleagues, issuing her own version of a fatwah on select Muslim Americans and, as vice chairwoman of the Orange County Republican Central Committee, rushing to the defense of Obama-as-monkey emailer Marilyn Davenport--even as the county GOP chairman Scott Baugh was calling on the old lady from Fullerton to resign from the Central Committee.

Red County reasons that Pauly, despite her national rep with haters of Islam, will be no match for Spitzer when it comes to fund-raising and experience on the regional campaign trail. Indeed, post writer "The Hammer" believes Pauly is only running because "she hates Bucher's guts." Seems to be a lotta hate in that woman, eh? Anyway, her scorn is not tied to Bucher sharing an anti-labor union brain with his BFF Jim Righeimerof the Costa Mesa City Council. It's because she and the Buchmaker have traded barbs over Baugh's, ahem, creative accounting while at the head of the OCGOP. Pauly and Davenport occupy a teabaggy wing of the Central Committee that is suspicious of establishment purse string pullers like Baugh, a former assemblyman who emerged from the same tar pit as Bucher, Righeimer and their papa bear, Dana Rohrabacher.

Commenters to the Red County post agree with The Hammer's dim assessment of Pauly's chances in the supervisors race. Anonymous writes:

Me thinks Demented Deb has lost sight of the fact that this is a nonpartisan race. Offending a good portion of your voters, Democrats, by calling them "terrorists" is not the best way to start off a campaign, even from the fantasy world her mind lives in. Maybe if we just completely ignore her?

The Comics Section (on Pauly and Bucher):

Either one of these two or both of them in the race will provide comic relief to an otherwise dull local election atmosphere. In the end Spitzer will still win by a huge margin but at least he'll have fun getting there and the rest of us will enjoy the show.

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