Death By China Screening and Special Panel Discussion Set For Anaheim on Sept. 28

Who is winning this game?
Who is winning this game?

Some critics have declared that Death By China is fueled by warmongering, anti-Chinese sentiment and others call the film/book another important wake up call to a looming disaster.

You can make up your own mind Friday night in Anaheim when there will be a special showing of the controversial, 79-minute film followed by a panel discussion with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa).

Though Rohrabacher is a highly partisan character, Death By China features Democrats and Republicans criticizing other Democrats and Republicans for allowing the communist nation into the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001.

According to the film, here's the direct result: 57,000 U.S. factories have disappeared, 25 million Americans can't find a decent job and "we now owe more than $3 trillion to the world's largest totalitarian nation."

Bill Clinton and Tom DeLay, the Texas Republican, don't come out well in the film's footage. Clinton claimed that WTO admittance would create "greater openness and freedom" for Chinese citizens. DeLay argued that the move "will benefit enormously" U.S. citizens.

Using somber narration by Martin Sheen, Peter Navarro and Greg Autry--producers of the film--declare that China hasn't become more open or free and that communist officials have cheated through currency manipulations, illegal trade subsidies, environmental polluting policies, piracy and child labor.

Do the Chinese communists have loyal allies in Washington?
Do the Chinese communists have loyal allies in Washington?
Do the Chinese communists have loyal allies in Washington?

Worse, according to the film, American political and corporate leaders are essentially partners in crime with the Chinese.

The movie's closing statement is delivered by an angry Rohrabacher, who opines, "We have been fools;" but he doesn't explain all the times he personally aided U.S. defense companies wanting to sell new and potentially sensitive technology to the communists in China.

Go watch the film and enjoy the panel discussion on Sept. 28 at 9 p.m. at Cinema City Theaters, 5635 E. La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, (714) 970-6700.

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Checkout the film's website HERE.

And see the film's inspiring book on Amazon. com HERE.

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