Dear Rummy: Those Really Were 40 White Bunnies Hopping Around Wieder Park

Those frolicking at Harriet M. Wieder Regional Park in Huntington Beach may have thought they'd arrived at a belated Easter party Sunday, considering the 40 or so white bunnies hopping around.

Many folks joyfully threw the bunnies carrots to nibble on, but Orange County Animal Care says it was actually a cruel act that put the domestic rabbits there.

The agency was informed a neighbor saw a truck dump the bunnies at the park at Garfield Avenue and Seapoint Street around 9 that morning. The working theory is someone who tucked bunnies in Easter baskets was later overwhelmed with 40 furballs.

It is not unusual for OC Animal Care to receive abandoned rabbits and chicks after Easter, but folks generally don't use parks as secret depositories. Domestic bunnies have a hard time alone in the elements, as they are used to humans providing them food and water--and not used to being prey.

Anyone with unwanted pets is asked to take them to a reputable shelter. Meanwhile, those who see or catch another abandoned domestic rabbit at Wieder Park should contact OC Animal Care at 714.935.6848.

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