Irving and Weber: Bosom Bund Buddies
Irving and Weber: Bosom Bund Buddies

David Irving, Notorious Holocaust Denier, to Speak in Orange County TOMORROW--But Where?

The anti-racists crowd is gearing up to protest tomorrow at the Institute for Historical Review, the nation's premier Holocaust-denying think tank that's currently based in Fountain Valley. IHR head Mark Weber will address a meeting of his wackjob group alongside David Irving, the notorious Holocaust-denying scholar who sued someone for calling him a Holocaust denier and LOST. Irving always swings by OC to adoring crowds of neo-Nazis and skinheads, but the location is always kept secret because cockroaches don't like light, you know?
Activists claim Irving will speak at the IHR's offices at 7 p.m. tomorrow and plan a protest outside during that time--but I remain skeptical. Irving's personal email list has yet to disclose his whereabouts mañana, and I don't think he's so lazy as to just have it at the IHR offices. Anyhoo, people should protest those Nazis, whether they're there or not. See you there!


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