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David Araya, Recently Retired Laguna Hills High Spanish Teacher (Another!), Accused of Sex Crimes With a Student

Last week, we told you about Scott Adrian Peterson and his inappropriate relationship with a teenage student in an Orange riverbed. Now, we've got the recently retired David Araya, 57, who was a Spanish teacher at Laguna Hills High for 10 years before retiring following questioning about a sexual relationship with one of his students.

Araya is being accused of luring a child with intent to commit a crime, oral copulation of a minor and unlawful sexual intercourse, and two misdemeanor counts of molesting a minor, according to court records.

He is scheduled to be arraigned on Jan. 19.

The alleged sexual relatioship began in August 2009 and was discovered when the child's mother found inappropriate Facebook messages between Araya and her daughter, which alluded to some hanky panky.

The girl's mother filed a complaint last July, but it took time for authorities to seize computers and track down enough evidence for an arrest.


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