Dave Hester, Ex-Costa Mesa Thrift Store King, Losing Early in His Suit Against Storage Wars

The A&E network and the Storage Wars production company are reportedly winning the early rounds in the lawsuit brought against them by former cast member and Costa Mesa thrift store king Dave Hester.

The ballcap-wearing hoarder known for his "YUUUP!" calls at storage locker auctions claims he was wrongfully terminated after three seasons on the popular "reality" show.

But Deadline Hollywood reports Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson today tossed out the suit's unfair business practices claim and sided with the defendants when it came to Hester and his attorneys seeking an injunction to prevent production of the show as the case is heard. That, the judge agreed, would violate the First Amendment free speech rights of A&E and Original Productions, LLC.

Johnson also demanded Hester and his lawyers provide more information on the wrongful termination claim, giving them 20 days to amend their original complaint, part of which had alleged parts of the show are fake.

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