Barrett: Would you like lethal or non-lethal yogurt?
Barrett: Would you like lethal or non-lethal yogurt?

DA's Office Files Charges Over Oxycontin-Laced Yogurt Suicide

The Orange County Sheriff's Department arrested a 65-year-old woman today after alleging that she spiked a World War II veteran's yogurt with Oxycontin so he could commit suicide in Laguna Niguel.

Elizabeth Jane Barrett remains in custody inside the Orange County Jail and faces one felony count of assisting the suicide of Jack Koency, who was 86 years old but, according to Orange County prosecutors, was not terminally ill, bedridden or immobile.

If convicted, Barrett--a resident of Laguna Woods--faces a maximum punishment of three years in a California prison.

According to a press statement by the DA's office, Barrett was likely unaware that Koency's residence had hidden cameras. On Sept. 30, 2011, the cameras allegedly captured her crushing a lethal amount of Oxycontin and then mixing it with Koency's yogurt.

Koency--who had made his own funeral arrangements earlier that day--ate the yogurt, went to his bedroom and passed away.

After the death, motion detection cameras also caught Barrett--who was a friend of the victim--taking the man's medals from a wall and putting them in her car, according to the DA's office.

She'll be released from custody pending a trial, if she can post a $25,000 bail.

Homicide prosecutor Ebrahim Baytieh has been assigned the case.

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