Danielle Rene Deichman Gets 60 Days for Filing False Report That Spread Panic of Predator

A 20-year-old woman admitted sparking panic throughout South County by falsely reporting she was sexually assaulted in the same area as another recent attack.

Danielle Rene Deichman of Laguna Niguel was sentenced to 60 days in jail and three years probation after pleading guilty Monday to misdemeanor counts of filing a false report of a criminal offense and resisting a peace officer.

On Jan. 25, a woman was sexually assaulted along Alicia Parkway in Laguna Hills. Eight days later, Deichman told Orange County sheriff's deputies that she was grabbed from behind and knocked to the ground in the same general area--on La Paz Road in Laguna Niguel--adding that she kicked her attacker in the nuts and escaped.

Two reports that close together in time and location prompted media outlets to warn South County women that a sexual predator may be on the loose. But in a follow-up interview with sheriff's detectives on Feb. 3, Deichman's story had so many holes that her inquisitors got her to admit making up the whole thing.

As Deichman was being cuffed while being placed under arrest, she ran away before being subdued by two female investigators. One officer sustained minor injuries.

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