Daniel Morgan, Navy Corpsman, Still in Brig for San Clemente High Bomb Scare

Navy corpsman Daniel Morgan is reportedly still in the Camp Pendleton brig for allegedly leaving behind writings while AWOL indicating he planned to blow up San Clemente High School on the first day of classes this year.

Morgan has remained there since his arrest by military police under Article 86, a charge related to his failure to show up for duty, and Article 134, a broad punitive charge, according to camp officials.

The latest twist was confirmed Friday by Gunnery Sgt. Todd Petak, legal chief of the 1st Marine Division, to the San Clemente Times, which filed a Freedom of Information Act request on Nov. 8 seeking an update on the Morgan case.

Military officials went to Morgan's barracks on Sept. 7, which was also the first day of school at San Clemente High, to locate him because he had not shown up for work following a leave. What they claim to have found instead were his journals mentioning a plan to leave explosive devices around the campus.

Camp Pendleton officials contacted the school, which evacuated all students, staff and faculty, first to the football field and later to the gym. Morgan later turned himself in to the camp hospital, and he was soon arrested and placed in the brig.

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