Rohrabacher Birthday Draws a Hero, a Boat, Signs, Bullhorns and a Dinosaur

Rohrabacher Birthday Draws a Hero, a Boat, Signs, Bullhorns and a Dinosaur

A harbor boat protest of Dana Robrabacher's annual private birthday party has produced Rashomon-worthy spins.

Indivisible OC-48, the progressive group seeking to get the veteran Huntington Beach Republican congressman to hold a town hall meeting (so they can shout him down publicly) came up with Sunday's protest that included use of a boat, signs, bullhorns and a blow-up dinosaur.

"Congressman Dana Rohrabacher called us, his constituents, fascists and compared us to Nazis in uniform," a post on the group's Facebook page explains. "We didn't take it lying down. After Indivisible OC-48 served Rohrabacher with an invitation to a town hall this past Saturday, we crashed his annual birthday bash fundraiser on Sunday. "

For something completely different, click here for the video posted on The Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro's conservative website, which accuses "four members of local leftist movements" with trying to "shut down the speech of this American hero, simply because is a Republican."

That was not a reference to world famous chickenhawk Rohrabacher, who only dresses up to play soldier, Taliban or otherwise, but birthday party guest Rep. Brian Mast (R-Florida), "a Purple Heart recipient who lost both legs in Afghanistan" and "delivered a moving speech about his belief in American opportunity and exceptionalism," reports The Daily Wire.

"The liberal left has pushed the Democrat Party so far to the left, they're relying on name-calling and disruption rather than the discussion of legitimate issues,” Rohrabacher reportedly told Shapiro's site of the Indivisibles. “The patriots are certainly not intimidated by these left-wing neo-fascist tactics."

That stinging rebuke failed to stop the weekly protest outside Rohrabacher's district office on Tuesday.

It's been a week of video follies for The Mouth That Rohrabachered. Scroll down a little farther on the Indivisible OC-48 Facebook page and you'll see video of the heated exchange that happened when the congressman, seated in the passenger seat of a car, was invited to an Aug. 1 town hall. He declined by implying those who oppose him either reside outside his district and/or are fascists.

That has produced still more videos—from some of his constituents:


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