Dana Watch: Rodney Dana-field
Bob Aul

Dana Watch: Rodney Dana-field

Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-Putin's Jock Strap) is being accused today of having melted down on CNN.

Leading into the Jan. 5 interview with CNN anchor Ana Cabrera, the Mouth That Rohrabachered had made the rounds up and down the dial and across the interwebs blasting Jeff Sessions for "betraying" President Donald Trump with the Attorney General's Russia investigation recusal. After Rohrabacher argued that the recusal opened the door for special counsel Robert Mueller's appointment, Cabrera tried to counter that many legal experts agreed the AG did the right thing. Let the unhinging begin:

"Maybe somebody who is your guest should be able to say a few words," Rohrabacher interrupted. "Your last interviews had nobody on the other side of the issue coming in to have the discussion with CNN. Maybe you should give me a chance, when you have me on your program, to express my opinion."

As Rohrabacher droned on that Mueller's investigation had strayed beyond Russian collusion to include indictments for Paul Manafort (for alleged money laundering) and Michael Flynn (for lying to the FBI), Cabrera tried to ask another question. "Please, you might let me make my point before you interrupt me and try to refute me," Rohrabacher responded. "This isn't a news operation! This is what the president is upset about. He's not getting a fair share from you and from the other media and things like this that will try to build into something sinister has happened."

Cabrera insisting she was showing Rohrabacher no disrespect flipped the nutty guest into Rodney Dangerfield mode. "No disrespect? I got no respect. No disrespect? You don't respect Trump, you don't respect people who disagree with you politically, and that's why the news media, which has an agenda, drives special prosecutors."

See the full clip here:

"This CNN segment is going viral—lots of tweeters saying @RepRohrabacher acted like a bully when @AnaCabrera tried to ask Q's and fact-check him," tweeted CNN media reporter Brian Stelter.

"Congressman Rohrabacher's unhinged meltdown on CNN confirms what we've known all along: that Dana Rohrabacher is fundamentally unfit to serve the people of California," reacted Drew Godinich of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

He found it even more troubling that Rohrabacher confirmed he is under Mueller's microscope and is vehemently defending (Dana donor) Manafort and Flynn, "associations with shadowy, corrupt figures" that "should disqualify him from holding public office. . . . [H]is refusal to give up power is all the more dangerous."

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