Dana Watch: Mail Order Snide
Bob Aul

Dana Watch: Mail Order Snide

Dana Watch begins 2018 by cleaning out the mail bag, virtual and otherwise. What follows are the most recent favorites. Most came via email. The last one, which arrived in the mail de snail, was hand printed in pencil on yellow legal pad paper. Enjoy!


As a SEHB Peasant Taxpayer, what has DND (Do Nothing Dana) done in Congress for 25 years other than collect a paycheck paid by us, the taxpayers?

What legislation has DND introduced and had passed?


[He's] not called DND for NOTHING.

—Milt Dardis, 40-year Southeast Huntington Beach resident

For all of Dana's eccentricities, he's the one OC congressman to forcefully stand up for Californians' right to legal marijuana. Compare him to Senator Dianne Feinstein, who supports Attorney General Jeff Sessions' raids on CA pot dispensaries and has fought consistently against our rights as individuals and as a state to use and regulate marijuana.

Give Dana some credit—and find out if state Senator Kevin de León's going to make this an issue in his Senate campaign. I hope so!

—Chris Norby

So, according to YOU, the same guy who armed the Taliban (who fought against the Russians in the 1980s) is also Putin's reliable intelligence source?

Man, your so-called "column" is a total waste of space. Kill yourself. Even the racist Mexican was better than you.

—Hoyeru Zaharia

I just read your piece in the Dec. 15-21, 2017, OC Weekly . Dana has no balls. Chelsea Handler nailed it!

*     *     *     *      *


Comrade Matt Coker

Dana Watch fodder:

I have assembled a doosier [sic] on Dana Rohrabacher you might be interested in.

I have proof that D.R. hired two prostitutes named [first name of Coker's wife] and [first name of Coker's daughter] to go to the Ali Baba Hotel in Costa Mesa.

He want [sic] to watch the ladies defacte [sic] on the same bed that Gustavo Arellano fucked his mother in the culo.

It's only $9, better price than Hillary deal.

If interested, leave me in [sic] message in one of your many propaganda hateful articles.

—Comrade X

P.S. See you in the pigsty, comrade.

Matt Coker responds: Get your facts straight, Comrade X. The Ali Baba is a motel, not a hotel. Just ask my earners, who'd best have daddy's money lest he raise his pimp hand.

Got Dana Watch fodder? Email mcoker@ocweekly.com


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