Dana Rohrabacherism of the Day! President Barack Obama Employs "Atheist Fascism"

During his long, bumbling career, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has pretended that he's a God-guided, American hero and patriot determined to protect the nation's best ideals against insidious attacks.

But not everyone buys Rohrabacher's shameless posing--perhaps because it's difficult to imagine a real hero and patriot who carefully avoided all military service--especially combat duty--when he had a chance to enlist during a time of war.

Using Twitter, Stephanie LBGT Mills this week told Orange County's senior career politician: "oh, stop with the 'anti-religious freedom' bs; again, I'm NOT the one promot'g discrimination based on ur religious beliefs!"

The congressman's response?

"U R anti religious freedom!" he wrote and then added another Rohrabacherism to his massive, junkyard heap of official brain farts: He declared that both Mills and President Barack Obama, who is a self-identified Christian, employ "Atheist Fascism."

In other words, Rohrabacher--probably through tequila-inspired bravery--believes he's found a clever, passive aggressive way to ridiculously compare the sitting President of the United States to history's worst madman, Adolf Hitler.

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