Dana: If I only had a heart, a brain, some courage...
Dana: If I only had a heart, a brain, some courage...

Dana Rohrabacher Wasn't Brave Enough For Vietnam But Is Ready For Combat Now That He's Too Old To Fight

"Our government is taking the word of terrorists . . . "

--Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher--who cowardly evaded military service during the Vietnam War and absurdly lobbied on behalf of the Osama bin Laden terrorist loving Taliban during the 1990s--criticizing the Pentagon this week for prosecuting three U.S. Navy Seals accused of torturing an Iraqi. That suspect is allegedly tied to the killing of mercenaries working for Blackwater, a right-wing paramilitary corporation run by a former Rohrabacher aide, Eric Prince

Rohrabacher is not new to scandal, lunacy and shameless self-promotion. His wife attempted to illegally steal an Orange County special election. His pal, a onetime Huntington Beach mayor, was convicted on political corruption charges. One of his best friends,

Jack Abramoff

, is a convicted felon lobbyist who made cheating and lying a sport.

And Jeff Nielsen, an aide Rohrabacher took with him for years from OC to the nation's capital, recently served a California prison sentence for being a serial pedophile who targeted seventh and eighth grade boys. In unison with Rohrabacher, Nielsen was known for angrily denouncing the so-called liberal corruption of America.

Rohrabacher also aided Mike Carona win the 2006 race for Orange County sheriff despite revelations that proved the self-styled Christian conservative Carona was a serial adulterer who partied with Las Vegas mobsters, secretly took gifts from businessmen seeking law enforcement favors and employed the high-tech equipment of his $800-million-a-year agency for personal use.

Proving his odd, unnatural draw to deviants, Rohrabacher (along with Carona) also teamed up with Joseph M. Medawar in recent years. Medawar was convicted in federal court of bilking millions of dollars from duped investors in a right-wing, get-rich-scheme that landed himself in a $40,000-a-month Beverly Hills mansion prior to prison.

Rohrabacher, one of the most intellectually dishonest politicians in California, has never apologized for his close associations with crooked friends, his routine flip flops on issues or his hilarious assurances that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the answer for this state's woes.


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