Dana: consistently inconsistent
Dana: consistently inconsistent

Dana Rohrabacher Wants Feds To Restrict Internet Companies

Dana Rohrabacher might just be the most consistent member of Congress--consistently inconsistent that is. The Huntington Beach politician--who likes to be called "a patriot" or a libertarian but not so much a Republican--is interested in writing a federal law that prevents U.S. Internet companies from making deals with authoritarian governments. This comes in the wake of Google's decision not to comply with communist China's censorship demands.

What's interesting here is that Rohrabacher, who skipped Vietnam War military duty, has in the past quietly pushed for the ability of American defense companies to sell expensive, advanced satellite technologies to Beijing. What helps explain the difference in the congressman's attitude?

Perhaps Internet companies should contribute to Rohrabacher's campaigns like the defense firms.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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