Dana Rohrabacher Says He's Not a Republican

Dana: No longer afraid to be called a racist.
Dana: No longer afraid to be called a racist.

"I'm not a Republican! I'm not a conservative! I'm a patriot, and it's time for us to take back America! Now is our time! . . . What is the United States? Us! Us! Us! . . . We have to secure our southern border. That has to be the number one issue people vote on in this election! That's not anti-Hispanic. That's total nonsense. They call us racists, and we've been afraid to stand up because we don't want to be called racists. They are really the racists!"

--An angry-toned Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Skipped Vietnam War military service) as he received a standing ovation from a California Republican Assembly convention crowd earlier this month. Giving unnecessary color to Rohrabacher's performance was Eric Golub--the whiny, pseudo tough guy who was paid to be the comedian at the event. (Think Mini Me in Austin Powers trying desperately to pretend he's Dirty Harry or Rambo.) Golub said, "America needs the second coming of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. And that's Sarah Palin! She's Superwoman!" I think he was serious--now that's funny.

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