Rohrabacher: The Interrogator?
Rohrabacher: The Interrogator?

Dana Rohrabacher Says He Will "Interrogate" Hillary Clinton Today On Benghazi

Having recently declared his appreciative awe of Hillary Clinton and her "20 years of [making] good calls," Dana Rohrabacher used Twitter last night to assure his rightwing fan base that he is readying himself to engage in rhetorical combat with the secretary of state during congressional testimony on Benghazi.

Clinton is first testifying at a U.S. Senate committee hearing today and will later speak at a U.S. House of Representatives committee that is controlled by Orange County Rep. Ed Royce (R-Fullerton).

It's there that Rohrabacher promises he "will be deeply involved in the interrogation."

Earlier today, the Costa Mesa Republican backed off the use of the word, but assured the public "this will be a tough hearing" on Clinton and cast himself as the underdog because "her diplomatic/political skills R legendary."

If Republicans are counting on Rohrabacher as their chief interrogator, they're in big trouble.

First, he has the charisma of a belligerent drunk leaving a bar after last call, which helps explain why in 2008 he ridiculously thought he could visit RFK-assassin Sirhah Sirhan in prison to extract a confession that the 1968 murder had been an Arab plot. 

Second, his goal won't be to extract honest information from Clinton. If the past is any clue, he'll grandstand with loaded questions delivered with a stern face, angry tone, flailing arms and one aim: to get his plump face on Fox News.

Rohrabacher, who was for the Iraqi invasion before he was against it, has already repeatedly declared on that news network that the aftermath of the Benghazi tragedy was an evil conspiracy by Barack Obama to win re-election as president.

He has declared without cracking a smile that Benghazi is a presidential crime worse than the massive Watergate scandal that toppled Richard Nixon.

Let's see how far he gets proving that assertion today.

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