Rohrabacher: Bartender!
Rohrabacher: Bartender!

Dana Rohrabacher: President Obama Allowed U.S. Ambassador To Be Killed To Ensure Re-Election

The Kookville Express and its happy, wild-eyed conductor, Dana Rohrabacher, has shifted routes in yet another attempt for a cheap two-fer ticket: to derail President Barack Obama's second term and sabotage Hillary Clinton's potential future White House run.

Rohrabacher, Orange County's senior career politician and a man known for shameless self-promotion, has made it his mission for the last four months to prove Obama and Clinton masterminded something evil and pro-Islamic terrorist during the Sept. 11, 2012 lethal attack on Christopher Stevens, U.S. Ambassador to Libya.

First, the Costa Mesa Republican declared (without possessing any supportive facts) that the events of Benghazi were "worse" than the felony-rich Watergate scandal that brought down President Richard Nixon in 1974.

That absurd comparison didn't go far except with faithful Kookville passengers.

Stymied, Rohrabacher changed strategies.

Benghazi is apparently no longer worse than Watergate. 

Now, he is trying to take sly advantage of massive, pre-Oscar publicity for ArgoBen Affleck's film.

Rohrabacher claims Benghazi is like President Jimmy Carter's failed 1980 helicopter attempt to rescue American captives in Iran. 

"Maybe Prez thought failed rescue = no re-election, like Carter in 1980," the congressman theorized on Twitter late Tuesday night.

In other words, according to Rohrabacher's mental machinations, Obama knowingly allowed Stevens to be murdered so that he could win re-election.

In a separate Tweet, the congressman--who is nowadays a war hawk even though he avoided all military service when he was eligible to fight during the Vietnam War--complained that he deserves applause for his "sacrifice" in confronting Obama and for making himself endure "vitriol & irrational attack[s]" from critics of his conspiracy theories.

He'd like the world to know he considers himself "a patriot."

Last week, the Weekly disclosed how Rohrabacher, an infamous tequila guzzler prone to outrageous declarations designed to titillate the nation's rightwing fringe, deleted a late January Tweet that praised Clinton as a brilliant public servant. 

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