Dana Rohrabacher Identifies National Income Disparity Cause

Since 1993, the wealthiest one percent of Americans have captured 50 percent of the nation's economic growth.

If that fact alarms you, Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher knows who to blame for the 18-year-old crisis: a Chicago constitutional law professor.

You may have heard of him.

His name is Barack Obama and he is now president of the United States.

But in 1993--when the top 1 percent began its most recent, dramatic income percentage surge, nobody knew of Obama. He wasn't even in the U.S. Senate or even a local elected official. He was a constitutional law professor in Chicago and an associate in a private law firm.

In an Oct. 26 Twitter post, Rep. Rohrabacher--a master of twisting facts to fit his mind-boggling partisan rants--wrote, "If rich getting richer it is because our Chicago machine Prez has channled [sic] $ billions to his cronies, while putting us $ trillions in debt."

So, in Rohrabacher's mind, Obama--who has advocated new taxes on the wealthiest Americans--is a tool of the wealthiest Americans while the congressman's Republican Party, which has adamantly advocated reducing taxes on the wealthiest Americans, is protecting the middle class--a group that got tax breaks under Obama without a single GOP vote in the House of Representatives.

This career congressman has never been a clear thinker, but I'm guessing he was a bit rattled yesterday about a news report that he has been converting campaign contributions into personal family income

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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