Dana Rohrabacher Gets "Award" for His Climate-Change Stance from Obamaniacs

Hip-hip, hooray, our own Surfin' Congressman is getting an award today!

However, we're not sure if Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is going to accept it because Organizing for Action (OFA-OC) is presenting the Huntington Beach Republican with its "Climate Change Denier Award." Wonder if it'll be made a captured carbon or Dana's own methane?

OFA-OC volunteers plan to show up at Rohrabacher's office at 101 Main St., Ste. 380, Huntington Beach, at 10:30 this morning to present the award as part of a national day of action on climate change. He's one of 135 congressional representatives who will be "honored" for continuing "to deny climate science and the changes it brings which are evident all around us including super-storms, higher temperatures, droughts, hurricanes and fires," reads an OFA-OC email.

"The climate change denier award is designed to bring attention to the dangerous stance that these congressional representatives have taken and to encourage a dialogue about what Congress can do to help slow our changing climate," it continues. "In addition to awarding the Representative, OFA will host climate experts who will be on hand to answer any questions about climate change."

An attached release notes, "Even though 97 percent of scientists agree that climate change is real, many members of Congress, including Rohrabacher continue to deny the problem and/or the science behind it. This award is designed to draw attention to the anti-reality and anti-science position that Rohrabacher and others in Congress have taken."

Who is behind OFA, whose "volunteers nationwide are spending the August congressional recess organizing their communities around the issues the American people voted for in 2012, like immigration reform, affordable healthcare, combating climate change, gun violence prevention and a better bargain for the middle class, among others?"

Perhaps the URL where we can get more information holds the clue: www.barackobama.com.

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