Dana Rohrabacher Finds A Vital Program That Can't Be Cut

For Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), it's whoop-de-do that low-income and elderly Americans will likely see huge cuts to food, medical and educational assistance in the upcoming federal budget.

After making sure that Boeing's defense contracts remain lucrative, Rohrabacher is now seeing red since President Barack Obama wants to ax a top-priority government program.

Seeing red as in China. 

Rohrabacher, who recently was right to question $4 million in U.S. spending on healthcare for Chinese citizens, now argues it's vital to spend $8 million annually to sell Chinese citizens on the greatness of America through Voice of America (VOA) radio broadcasts.

Federal officials note that declining numbers of Chinese in China rely on the radio for news and believe they will be able to send more cost effective propaganda messages to millions of Chinese through the Internet.

But at a congressional hearing this week, Rohrabacher--who skipped Vietnam War military duty but nowadays lamely hails himself a "patriot" and "freedom fighter"--slammed any federal spending cuts that would weaken U.S. efforts to cause government instability in China.

Dana Rohrabacher Finds A Vital Program That Can't Be Cut

​Question: Does spending $22,000 a day for propaganda in China really weaken the communists in Beijing?

Whatever the answer, I doubt most Americans--or even Orange Countians--would agree with the Costa Mesa congressman's priorities.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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