Dana Rohrabacher Earns Spot on Worst Predictions List

Dana's broken ball
Dana's broken ball

Dana Rohrabacher's unhappily guaranteed that Hilary Clinton would be president now. The Orange County Republican congressman has said that the American press corps would be embarrassed for portraying the Osama bin Laden-aiding Taliban in Afghanistan as evil. He's claimed that the National Endowment for the Arts would destroy morality. He's touted the blundering, self-promoting Arnold Schwarzenegger as the answer to all of California's problems. He's even foretold that a Republican takeover of all branches of government under George W. Bush would lead directly to more freedom, a strong economy and fiscal restraint.

But those botched Rohrabacher predictions didn't land him on the Spokane Examiner.com's "10 Worst Predictions For 2009." Yes, the congressman's reputation for providing unintentional entertainment reaches far beyond our borders. Rohrabacher made the paper's list for his Dec. 7, 1999, "guarantee" that communist China will invade the Panama Canal "within a decade" as a show of military hostility to the United States.

Rohrabacher likes to stir international tensions. Why? His congressional district (and campaign fundraising list) is loaded with defense contractors. 

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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