D23 Expo: First Impressions

I'm here! It's totally Disney, y'all! Holy crap!

Not much going on yet, but I'll be attending the Disney Parks and Resorts announcement/event later this afternoon, so stay tuned!

Until then, check out my first impressions of this year's D23 Expo after the jump.

Like most conventions, the first hour inside can be pretty overwhelming. Here are my first thoughts on hour one at D23.

D23 Expo: First Impressions

1. Lando Calrissian looks like he wishes he were anywhere else.
Billy Dee Williams has a table for autographs, but when I walked by he was just sitting there wearing sunglasses staring off into space. (No pun intended.) If that isn't proof positive that D23 is not a comic convention, I don't know what is.

2. Fans could easily leave here in debt.
So far, most of the long lines are at the merchandise booths that are selling new (and "exclusive") items. Looking for kids pajamas in the shape of Buzz Lightyear's costume? You're in luck! How about a Mickey Mouse meat grinder? Actually, I don't know if they have that, but if they don't someone should get on that. Whatever you're looking for, just hand over your Visa and sign on the line! Your kids won't be going off to college for years, so start saving tomorrow! Or at least after D23 is over.

3. People love free stuff.
It doesn't matter if they're handing out cardboard fans, paper Kermit crowns or plastic D23 balloons, people will wait in any length line for the opportunity to cram it into their swag bag. Now if they could just give away some Blu-rays of "Song of the South." No, I'm not giving up on that one yet.

4. There are very few kids here.
For a Disney convention, I'm surprised that almost everyone on the floor looks old enough to A) fight in a war, B) toss back a drink, and C) run for president. Where are the children? Oh, right... they're across the street in Fantasyland.

5. These folks are hardcore.
But I don't care how much I love Disney, I'll never hang a gigantic portrait painting of Walt in my house. Unless it's hanging on the ceiling directly above my bed, of course.

D23 Expo: First Impressions


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