Cypress Mosque Targeted in anti-Muslim Hate Crime

Just when you thought President Obama was going to heal the rift between America and the Muslim world that's been deepening ever since 9/11 and the US invasion of Iraq, some local nitwits have to remind the world that many Americans still, and may always be, proudly  hateful nitwits. The OC Register broke this story today which has now been updated in a press release issued by the Council on American-Islamic Relations: there's been a hate crime at a Cypress mosque.

Fortunately, this wasn't the kind of hate crime that involved a physical assault on a person, but rather the equally cowardly variety that often involves burning crosses or swastikas. This time, some knuckleheads defaced a mosque by spraypainting the following messages in gigantic letters: "Fuck you," "We're going to kill you" and "US Military is going to kill you all."

CAIR has reported the incident to the FBI. "This apparent hate crime points to the need to challenge the destructive phenomenon of anti-Muslim stereotypes in our society that President Obama warned us about in his speech today in Cairo," added CAIR's Greater LA Executive Director Hussam Ayloush.

While both the Register story and the CAIR press release pointed out that the incident took place on the same day as Obama's speech in Cairo, the Weekly gets the honor of being the first to speculate about whether the hate crime might have anything to do with convicted con artist and self-declared FBI informant Craig Monteilh publicly claiming to have stymied terrorist plots at OC mosques.

Maybe its about time the FBI steps forward to either confirm or deny all the crazy stuff Monteilh's been peddling--before something worse happens. 


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