Valli: Paying stiff price for sex crimes
Valli: Paying stiff price for sex crimes

Curved Penis Helps Bring Down Angry OC Child Molester

Unrepentant Orange County child molester Ruben Valli is pissed.

At the age of 35, Valli is stuck in a California prison until he's about 125 years old.

And that fact, he claims, is "cruel and unusual."

Valli should have given punishment a consideration before he repeatedly molested and raped his wife's 13-year-old half sister as well as his nine-year-old step daughter.

In fear, both girls kept mum for more than a year, but then the younger one revealed her secret to a therapist.

According to law enforcement records, the youngster--who had been forced to perform oral copulation--convinced her initially doubtful mother after she described Valli's penis in detail, including its noteworthy curved erection.

After a June 2010 jury trial, a sex crimes prosecutor in the Orange County District Attorney's office won 13 felony charges and Superior Court Judge Patrick Donahue sentenced the child rapist to prison.

Valli appealed, claiming that his two victims were slutty liars.

This month, a California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana rejected the attempt to overturn the conviction.

An unimpressed Justice William F. Rylaarsdam opined in an eight-page opinion that the crimes "constitute a dreadful course of conduct involving two children."

Upshot: Valli will remain locked inside Calipatria State Prison where his choice of sex partners doesn't include elementary and middle school girls.

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