State Education: Not a High Priority
State Education: Not a High Priority

CSU Now Accepting Apps for Spring 2011! ... If State Cures Budget Woes

Even aboard the sinking ship of state that is California and its illustrious state budget, the CSU announced that it'll start accepting applications for the spring term of 2011 starting Aug. 1.

However, actual enrollment is "contingent upon restoration of state funding" and the passage of Gov. Schwarzenegger's proposed budget.

So go ahead: mail in those applications, file the FAFSA, submit the SAT, and pen that personal statement. But maybe a letter to a congressional representative would prove more efficient in securing a spot this spring.

For those out of the legislative loop, the state totally shut down spring 2010 enrollment throughout the entire CSU system. The system usually enrolls more than 35,000 students each spring semester.

The Governator has released a fairly idealistic list of budget proposals to hopefully rebuff the hemorrhaging public school system.

The governor's proposed budget includes the restoration of $305 million, as well as an additional $60.6 million that would fund further enrollment expansion, according to CSU.

The proposals are detailed at length at

"CSU does not know how many students it can admit," CSU concedes on its website, and "no offer of admission will be sent until we know more about the budget."

Assuming that the budget does pass, in the form that Schwarzenegger has so delicately sculpted, each CSU campus will review and finalize its acceptance decisions. If the political might is not summoned up in Sacramento, then the likely disenfranchised students can either:
a) request that their application be moved into the fall 2011 pool; or,
b) "fahgettaboudit!" and get a refund.

What a better way to keep tens of thousands of California youth in limbo?

Playing games with our state's educational system
Playing games with our state's educational system
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