Soaring platter of death
Soaring platter of death

Crimes, Injuries, Mayhem at OC Parks and Open Space

The man who invented the Frisbee died last Tuesday at his home in Monroe, Utah. Walter Fredrick Morrison was 90.

A 6-year-old boy was hit in the head by an errant disc thrown from Huntington Beach Central Park's Disc Golf Course, prompting his mother to file a formal complaint against the city, the Orange County Register reports today.


Indeed, to read the Register today, you'd think cops and prosecutors ought to leave suspected gang-bangers alone and stop patrolling inner cities. It's parks and donated open space where the crimes against humanity are happening.

Besides the report on complaints about Surf City's flying disc course, the Santa Ana daily's website had articles today on vandalism along the trails at the Donna O'Neill Land Conservancy in San Clemente and an illegal bike trail carved into Limestone Canyon & Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park near Irvine.

Just yesterday, the Reggie reported on a 48-year-old Irvine woman who was listed in serious condition at a local hospital after slipping and hitting her head on the ice in the temporary skating rink erected in Irvine's Great Park.

It's a jungle out there, Jim.


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