Illustration by Bob Aul
Illustration by Bob Aul

Crime Wave

A woman walked onto Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach, attempted to direct traffic, tossed hot coffee on passing motorists, and was arrested.

A tenant with martial arts skills slung a knife into his landlord's bedroom after his rent was raised.

Police found an unconscious drunk man sitting in his silver Corvette with the engine running.

Neighbors yelled racial slurs at each other from across the street.

Juveniles threw bricks at cars.

A woman reported that a gray alien—male and from outer space—was standing on her balcony and plotting to kill her.

An angry man stood outside of an apartment complex screaming for someone, anyone, to come out and fight.

Unconcerned about the audience, a couple engaged in a lengthy intercourse session beside the pool at an apartment complex.

A group of men ate dinner at a restaurant and fled without paying.

A man strolled calmly through a Mission Viejo neighborhood wearing nothing but a T-shirt and an erection.

Someone slammed a trailer hitch into a car window.

Two burglars attempted to steal a washing machine from a Corona del Mar residence.

A woman found her car covered in glue and eggs.

Neighbors at an apartment complex refused to stop banging on a shared wall.

Someone painted graffiti on a Laguna Beach church.

High on a bad drug trip, a woman screamed, made bizarre faces and threatened other females inside a beachfront public restroom.

A man stood outside of his ex-girlfriend's house and yelled obscenities.

A female on a public bus threw coins at motorists.

Police arrested a man for attempting to suffocate his wife, who'd managed to lock herself in a bathroom with a cell phone.

A teenage boy stole two 36-packs of beer from a store and fled in a car with a girl.

A Laguna Beach woman called police because a hummingbird was "flying aggressively" around her house.

The mailbox at a residence was bombed.

A customer at a Smart & Final spat on employees.

Male juveniles walked down a residential street urinating on a series of lawns.

A woman reported that an unknown nude man wearing a bag on his head was standing in her back yard at 7:30 a.m.

An intoxicated driver almost caused a collision in a liquor store parking lot before his passenger bought another case of beer.

A would-be intruder attempted to kick down a front door at an occupied residence.

A man repeatedly slugged a pregnant woman in a Dana Point street.

Someone drove onto the front lawn of an Irvine residence and performed doughnuts, causing $1,000 in damage.

A family threw rocks over a fence at their neighbors.

A patron wanted a San Clemente shop owner arrested for rudeness.

Three men were found drunk behind a Dana Point restaurant.

A vandal yanked off side-view mirrors from cars parked on a street.

A man stabbed another man in the neck and then stole his car.

A woman ransacked her house.

A dozen juveniles threw pumpkins at passing traffic.

A man and his aunt slugged each other enough for blood to pour in a dispute about a cell phone.

Two sets of four gunshots were heard on Crown Valley Parkway.

Police escorted a group of teens out of the Fountain Valley Skating Rink because they were highly intoxicated; one girl was so drunk she had to be hospitalized.

A woman's current and ex- husbands slugged each other while attending a youth soccer match.

A man was robbed in Huntington Beach and then shot in the face.

Two men used pepper spray to steal another man's PlayStation 3.

Someone fired a flare gun blast into a pedestrian.

A man standing on a sidewalk and wearing only a shirt masturbated in front of a girl.

A despondent woman stood in the street and stared up at the sky for more than an hour.

The driver of a Jetta, suffering from road rage, threw a steady stream of objects at another vehicle traveling in the same direction.

A man swinging a baseball bat and circling a car occupied by a woman made terrorist threats.

A group of men with "shaved heads and tattoos" and carrying a snub-nosed revolver were seen walking down a residential street.

Two juvenile customers spat on employees at a restaurant and refused to leave.

A woman stopped in front of a Laguna Beach residence, squatted and urinated in the driveway.

A man struck his wife in the head with an object during an argument.

After a dispute over a parking space, a woman returned to find the air had been let out of all her car tires.

A 45-year-old La Habra man molested his 4-year-old daughter, filmed his crimes and then distributed the videos to pedophiles on the Internet.

Someone called a Laguna Beach restaurant and threatened a waiter.

Two Huntington Beach lesbian partners engaged each other in a brutal fistfight.

Several juveniles assaulted a Coto de Caza female.

A terrified resident watched a group of people throw tennis balls at her house.

A man angry at his neighbors shut off the water to his apartment building.

Juveniles torched paper towel rolls in a convenience store parking lot.

A 24-year-old man broke into a house and beat a woman.

A man drove his car into an Irvine house.

Someone smeared feces on a vehicle parked in a driveway.

An intoxicated woman driving a PT Cruiser rear-ended another car on Alicia Parkway and got out of her car but could not stand.

Huntington Beach neighbors threw plants at each other.

A man fondled two women at a swap meet.

Intoxicated juveniles in a Toyota, a Suburban, a Jetta and a limousine raced on Aliso Creek Road, stopped, and then, according to a witness, threw up.

A man pummeled his girlfriend's face in public.

A middle-aged man stood on a bus bench and yelled obscenities at no one in particular.

An ex-boyfriend left a threatening note on a woman's car and front door.

A woman slashed the tires and smashed the windshield on her ex-boyfriend's car.

A man punched his wife and pulled her hair.

A man rang the doorbell at his ex-wife's house and demanded money at gunpoint.

A prankster used real crime scene tape and chalk to sketch the outline of a corpse in front of a business.

A stranger walked into a man's house, used the trash can and walked out without a saying a word.

A smiling pervert in an SUV honked, waved over some girls with one hand and masturbated with the other.

Four 11-year-old boys were found drinking beer and smoking cigarettes.

An adult male spectator at a middle school sports contest spewed profanities and sought a fistfight with other parents.

A hefty butcher knife and latex gloves were found in the bushes at an elementary school.

Someone planted a homemade bomb next to a Huntington Beach lifeguard tower.

Three men with shotguns and a pistol attempted to kill an owl in a public park.

Police arrested a Ladera Ranch businessman after he fired several bullets at a Yellow Pages phone book inside his office.

A man walked into an Albertson's grocery store in the middle of the day, found the liquor section and began gulping from numerous liquor bottles.

An elderly female was found standing "catatonic" next to railroad tracks.




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