Alison Le Anne Ebert
Alison Le Anne Ebert
Courtesy of Cypress Police Department

Crime Time: Methed Mom, Nitrous Oxide, a Full Moon, a Gutted Black Cat and a Skateboarding Giant Ax Carrier

It's our weekly Weekly roundup of Orange County police calls--with suspect mugs!


At Least She Left the TV On Officers responding to an anonymous, 4:45 a.m. report of child abuse in a home in the 8500 block of La Homa Street in Cypress discovered two girls, ages 9 and 11, who had been left alone overnight amid knee-high trash piles, toilets overflowing with human feces, frozen bugs inside a refrigerator and unfrozen bugs and maggots crawling all over everything in the living areas. The girls and a 5-year-old sibling who was staying with a relative were escorted to Child Protective Services. Their mother, Alison Le Anne Ebert, 35, walked into the Cypress PD station later that morning to admit she'd left the children around 6 p.m. Monday and had been "at a dude's house smoking weed." Parade Magazine's next Mother of the Year also explained she was "lazy," "depressed" and "addicted to meth"--but otherwise fit for a slot on the next Dancing With the Stars. She was arrested on suspicion of child neglect.

Bang Bang Oops Oops A family dispute inside a home in the 26000 block of Camino Adelanto in Mission Viejo got out of hand just after 8 p.m. when neighbors heard shots fired. Police arrived to discover a man had whipped out a .357 handgun in the heat of the argument. The gun accidentally fired, injuring no one. Ayat Shafizadeh, 23, was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Dug Himself a Hole A worker servicing the drive-up ATM machine at the Bank of America branch at 1433 North Main St., Santa Ana, around 10 p.m. was startled by another man who'd walked up to the front glass doors and began smashing them in with a shovel. Officers quickly arrived, surrounded the bank and, with a police dog in tow, ordered the shoveler to surrender. He complied without incident. Jose Bonilla Praxedes, 31, of Santa Ana, was held on suspicion of felony burglary. He reportedly told arrested officers he was unemployed and needed money. Now he needs $20,000 more to cover bail.


Wacky Surf City Hump Day Huntington Beach police responding to an animal cruelty call around 7:30 a.m. in the 7600 block of Anita Drive heard from a woman who'd found the carcass of a gutted black cat. She said it was the second time a gutted black cat had been found after a full moon and insisted the culprit was not another  animal. County Animal Control disagreed, blaming coyotes. Police got a call after 11 a.m. about a case of grand theft jeans at the store in the Five Points Shopping Plaza on Main Street, where a man grabbed eight pairs of women's jeans worth $120 each and ran out the door toward Trader Joe's before jumping into a gold SUV and darting off. He was described as an Asian male in his late 30s, 5 feet 11 inches, with a medium build and a butt much too big for those jeans. An off-duty LAPD officer who came upon an injury traffic accident at Newland Street and Yorktown Avenue after 1 p.m. reported finding a bottle of nitrous oxide and Columbo'd that someone involved may have been huffing it. An all-points bulletin was issued for Frank Booth. About 40 minutes later, a woman walked into a cell phone store in the 10000 block of Adams Avenue and appeared "completely wasted." When officers arrived to check her out, it was discovered she had a warrant. Now she's "completely arrested." About 10 minutes before 4 p.m., police received a call that a 10-year-old boy skateboarding near Edwards Street and Bolsa Avenue was carrying a "gigantic axe." It's unclear if his name is Eugene. And just before 10 p.m., officers arrived at Arrow Lane and Memphis Avenue, where someone had reported a noose was hanging from a tree near a tennis court. Those coppers Columbo'd that the rope was not a noose but a swing that had been hung on Independence Day.

. . . and the Home of the Blaze Sheriff's deputies were called to a neighborhood in the 28800 block of Placida Avenue in Laguna Niguel, where between 1 and 7 a.m. a firebug had completely torched three U.S. Flags and partially scorched a fourth. Some neighbors suspected unpatriotic teens and reported a fifth Old Glory had recently been stolen and a car vandalized.

Cold and Flew Season Three males, believed to be 16 to 19 years old, grabbed eight packets of cold medicine and then ran toward the exit of the Target store in the 26000 block of La Paz Road in Aliso Viejo around 2 p.m. A security guard who tried to intervene was punched in the face before the trio hopped into a white BMW SUV in the parking lot. It was later determined the vehicle had been stolen out of Huntington Beach. Deputies assume the lads plan to get high off the meds.

Ah, the Smell of It An alarm sent police to the La Mina De Oro store at 1310 E. Edinger Ave. in Santa Ana around 10:45 p.m. Arriving officers saw two men loading perfume and cologne into a van at the back of the business. Seeing they'd been spotted, the men jumped into the van and sped off with police cruisers in pursuit. The van crashed a short distance later, causing the men to flee on foot. But they were quickly captured in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn at 2726 Grand Ave. Carlos Quintero, 43, of Los Angeles, was arrested on suspicion of burglary, possession of burglary tools, evading a police officer with wanton disregard for safety and misdemeanor resisting a police officer and driving without a license. He was held in Orange County Jail in lieu of $25,000 bail. His partner, Jose Lozano Zamora, 36, also of LA, was held in lieu of $20,000 bail on suspicion of felony burglary and obstructing and resisting a police officer. About $23,000 worth of perfume and cologne was recovered.


Street Life An unidentifed woman was minding her own business, waiting at a bus stop at 17th and Bristol streets in Santa Ana just after noon, when two guys walked up. One grabbed two gold necklaces from around her neck and a bag of groceries out of her hand before both ran away. Courage knows no bounds!

Popo's Got a Brand New Bag A resident in the 900 block of Olive Avenue in Huntington Beach called police just shy of 3:40 p.m. to report he'd caught two females urinating on his property. Now, here's a tip for you chicks given to pissing on someone else's yard: if you get startled by the homeowner, DO NOT drop your purse before running away. One of these Mensas did, and police were able to identify her, and later her partner in pee, thanks to the bag's contents.

Hit and Run and Swim and Sink A man driving a white Chevrolet Monte Carlo in the 100 block of 30th Street in Newport Beach shortly after 5 p.m. struck a pedestrian before driving away. The pedestrian suffered minor injuries and declined medical treatment. Meanwhile, a police helicopter pilot discovered a Monte Carlo abandoned nearby at 29th Street and the West Oceanfront boardwalk. The pilot searched for the driver, but saw no one. Just as he was about to fly away from the area, he noticed a swimmer flailing away 400 yards off the 28th Street jetty, an area that swimmers do not normally frequent. And the waterman was fully clothed, complete with shoes. The pilot called a lifeguard boat, which rescued the swimmer. After receiving treatment at a local hospital, James A. Paterson, 32, of Costa Mesa, was arrested on suspicion of felony drunken driving with injury, and other hit-and-run charges were a distinct possibility.


More Than 1,400 Miles Away Not Far Enough During a routine traffic stop, deputies pulled a car over near Santa Margarita Parkway and Avenida Empresa in Rancho Santa Margarita. A check of the driver, Jesus Mendez, 23, determined that he had an outstanding $100,000 warrant in Collin County, Texas, for aggravated robbery. Mendez was held at Theo Lacy in lieu of $50,000 bail as he awaited extradition.

Can You Hear Me Now? Around 5 p.m., a woman discovered someone had stolen cash, a camera and compact discs out of her car parked in the 17000 block of Courtney Lane in Huntington Beach. However, something else was apparently left behind: a BlackBerry phone, which rang as the woman examined her car. When she answered and asked who the phone belonged to, the caller hung up. Maybe she was in a cell hole?


Louisdouche Slugger When a woman residing near Via Jolitas in Rancho Santa Margarita informed her 17-year-old daughter she could not stay at her boyfriend's house, the girl reacted as any rational teen would: She attacked her dear old mom with a baseball bat.


Think of the Child A Garden Grove man who arrived to hand his 3-year-old daughter over to her mother during a custody exchange around 9:45 a.m. in the 26000 block of Normandale Drive in Lake Forest apparently did not like what he saw: mom's new male friend. Dad allegedly pulled out a gun, pointed it at the adults, hit the new male friend in the face with the gun, grabbed the child and drove off. But he continued talking with his ex- by phone and arrived at an Anaheim restaurant about an hour later to drop the girl off to her grandmother. The child was eventually returned safely to her mother, but Daniel Chomina, 28, faced possible assault with a deadly weapon charges.

What'd the Tree Ever Do to Him? After a transient was told to leave the Silverleaf Academy of Arts and Sciences at 25732 Taladro Circle, Mission Viejo, an argument ensued. And then, around 10:20 a.m., a tree was set ablaze. Firefighters knocked the fire out less than a half hour later. The transient, who was not identified, was taken to Western Medical Center in Anaheim--not because he was injured, police said, but because he was in "no condition" for normal jail. He was arrested on suspicion of arson while he was held in the hospital holding facility.


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