Crazy Imam Invited by UCI Muslim Student Union: Jews "The New Nazis"

Good people who criticize Israel's policies toward Palestinians always strive to reassure Jews that they're not anti-Semitic. They'll claim they're anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, but don't hate


Jews--just those that oppress the Palestinians.

That's been the claim of the UC Irvine Muslim Student Union and its members, especially in trying to justify their continued invites to the reprehensible Abdul Malik Ali to speak on campus. He's not anti-Semitic, they'll claim; he's just anti-Zionist, like us!

Well, his little ruse was blown last week--as well as that of other Anteaters.

Watch the video above, toward the end. Some lady asks Malik Ali whether he supports jihad on campus. Malik Ali uses that question to rail against the many Jewish students (which he called "Zionists") at UCI who have tried to schedule social gatherings with MSU members to know each other outside of politics, outreach that the MSU has spurned again and again and again. He made the argument that Jews didn't sit down with Nazis to talk about issues, so neither should MSU members meet with Anteaters for Israel and other Jewish groups on campus.

By then, Malik Ali dropped the Zionist charade, referring to the protesters you see in the video as "you Jews"--not Zionists, not imperialists, but Jews. "Y'all the new Nazis!" he screams toward the end.

The worst part about this episode? People cheered. People cheered an anti-Semitic lunatic. Students cheered.

The Anti-Defamation League quickly put out a press release asking that UCI revoke the MSU's charter. And the schools Jewish-Muslim tarantella spins anew...


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