Coyote Beautiful

Bob Aul

You're the coyote who is being hunted by all the pet owners in my neighborhood. I first heard of you from several fellow dog-walkers who, wide-eyed, regaled me with tales of your fearlessness. One guy with a pit bull said you stalked him for a whole block and that you got within a few yards and took a lunge at his pet. I found that hard to believe until I spotted you the other night chasing your own shadow in an empty lot. A big, angry lady kept trying to scare you away, and almost seeming charitable, you sauntered off until she turned her back, then returned to your circle-dancing until animal control showed up and chased you down the block. I haven't seen you since, but there are two neighbors with recently missing cats, so I'm guessing you're still among us. Stay free, wild one!

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