Costa Mesa's Don Quixotes [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]
Kirby Piazza

Costa Mesa's Don Quixotes [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

Not everything is dark and depressing in politics. In Costa Mesa, after a years-long battle between citizens and the anti-government forces of Costa Mesa Mayor Jim Righeimer, the good guys won: Sandy Genis got reelected, ally John Stephens won a seat, and Righeimer lackey Steve Mensinger lost his reelection bid (unfortunately, taking his spot is bigot supreme Allan Mansoor). Late last month, a group of good activists in Costa Mesa organized a political cartoon contest to see who could best lampoon the city's wacked-out politics. They announced the winner at a "Costa MesSED UP!!!" rally at Estancia Park. The winner got $300—COOL...but we were far more impressed by the people's choice winner: Kirby Piazza. His prize: $50, and us running his entry as this week's Orange Feathers. And now, for the artist's statement, Kirby!

Inspired by a letter to the editor in the Daily Pilot claiming Republican leadership as the "white knights" coming to save our country, I couldn't help but see how right they were. But, of course, these knights (mostly white) seemed to channel more similarities to Miguel De Cervantes' errant knight Don Quixote than anything resembling a savior. Feel free to replace these heads with your favorite politician, be it Dana Rohrbacher, John Moorlach or another in search of evil windmills!

BOOM. Great job, Kirby, and good activists of Costa Mesa. We urge other activists across OC to stage similar contests—we're more than happy to run the best ones! And now, that's given us an idea...


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