Costa Mesa Declares War on Coyotes

After having waged war on the homeless, the undocumented, the undocumented homeless, its own cops and other public employees, Costa Mesa has found a new target.


Trapping efforts begin today and continue through March 18, according to the Costa Mesa Police Department employee who had not been sent packing before hitting the send button on an e-mail to us last week.

There have been increased coyote sightings in the northern and western parts of town lately, and some jackals have harmed or aggressively approached small domestic animals, according to the PD.

Imagine how worse it would be if there were roadrunners around town.

Costa Mesa Animal Control has responded to the threat by retaining the services of Urban Wildlife Professionals, a wildlife capturing service. 'Cause city governing and outsourcing to the private sector now go together in Costa Mesa like a box from ACME and Wile E. Coyote's mailbox.

Trapping at various locations continues through Friday before taking the weekend off and starting up again March 14-18. Police say the snares are being placed off trails and walkways and "are designed to not harm humans and/or domestic animals."

Crazy clowns, you've been warned.


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