Costa Mesa Arco Gas Station Tries to Hide its Relationship with British Petroleum

Fill 'er up with spin!
Fill 'er up with spin!

I think the only people more hated right now by Americans than Mexicans is anything or anyone having any relationship with British Petroleum, or BP for short. Knowing that, the Arco gas station on the corner of Red Hill and Bristol in Costa Mesa has gone to the extraordinary measure of covering up its relationship to BP. Click for a photo after the jump.


Notice the far-right corner of the gas prices, where it says "ARCO--Part of." Usually, the BP logo follows, a bright-yellow sun or flower or something ringed by more green--you know, because this energy conglomerate whose oil is destroying the Gulf of Mexico is green!

Now, though, a sticker covers the BP logo. I don't think it's legible in this picture, and I apologize for not knowing how to work Photoshop so I can grab that cover-up and blow it up, but the sticker reads "Mix and Match Powerade 32oz and" some other food product. Funny!

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