Cops, Judges, Prosecutors, Police Chiefs, Prison Wardens, FBI/DEA Agents: Legalize All Drugs

Tom Angell caught Clockwork's recent post "As Cannabis Initiative Heads for Ballot, Former Police Chief Advocates Legalizing All Drugs." It was based on a recent column by Norm Stamper, a former Seattle police chief and 34-year veteran cop, of the group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). Angell, media relations director with the 15,000-member-strong, Washington, D.C.-based group, wants people to know the views of other members, including retired Orange County Superior Court Judge James P. Gray (Fox News'd below).

Angell's homework assignment follows after the jump . . .

* A Los Angeles Times feature on Gray, who has been calling for legalization for more than a decade. One reason is he believes we could better keep drugs away from young people by instituting age limits, which illegal drug dealers don't do.

* Like a character from HBO's The Wire, Neill Franklin worked alongside colleagues gunned down in the line of fire, which he shared in a Washington Post op-ed. Franklin is a 32-year law enforcement veteran who spent 23 years with the Maryland State Police, leading the drug division's education and training. He later moved to Baltimore PD and is currently on active duty with another Maryland agency.

* Jack Cole, LEAP's executive director, spent 26 years with the New Jersey State Police, including 12 years infiltrating drug gangs as an undercover narc. He was featured in Leonard Pitts Jr.'s syndicated column for McClatchy.

Besides these gents, Angell says LEAP is composed of other cops, judges, prosecutors, prison wardens, chiefs of police, FBI/DEA agents and others from around the world who want to legalize and regulate all drugs.

"They fought on the front lines of the 'war on drugs," notes Angell, "and saw that prohibition only serves to make addiction and market violence problems worse."


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