Consumer Group Lashes Out at "Fringe" PETA's Camp Pendleton Protest

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is a "fringe group" that is hypocritical about euthanizing animals, charges a Washington, D.C.-based consumer group that also denounced today's PETA protest against Camp Pendleton's use of live pigs in medical training for troops.

The Center for Consumer Freedom was reacting to today's preview of the PETA protest by the Orange County Register's Vik Jolly, who quoted animal-rights activists saying the medical trauma training outside of Camp Pendleton antiquated and Marines officials calling it necessary.

Rick Berman, executive director of the Center for Consumer Freedom, issued the following statement regarding the protest . . .
"Many corpsman will face a time when he or she will have to pack a gunshot wound, stop a bleeding artery, or cut into a fellow soldier to restore a breathing airway. It is during the first attempts at such procedures that most mistakes are made. I'd rather see it happen on a pig than on one of our military men or women.

"Placing animal lives over human lives is standard practice for the animal rights movement. But it's especially upsetting to see radical activists apply their twisted priorities to U.S. Marines.

"It's also difficult to take PETA's outrage seriously, when PETA has a long, sad history of euthanizing the vast majority of the animals in their care. In 2008 PETA killed 95 percent of the dogs and cats it took in, finding adoptive homes for just seven pets."

His center invites those interested in finding out more about PETA's alleged animal-killing past at


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