Construction Finally Begins on One Broadway Plaza!

After years and years of shady dealings, bellowing promises, and more dirty money funneled toward the political process than stars in the sky, construction on the Freudian edifice known as One Broadway Plaza has officially begun.

The stunning development (the actual construction, not the building proposed by Mike Harrah) happened over the weekend, and the Weekly has an exclusive picture attesting to this.
May this be as far as it ever rises...
May this be as far as it ever rises...

How many millions of dollars did Harrah spend to erect that yellow caution tape? How many jobs did the unrolling of said tape, coupled with a careful mapping of the rectangle and stakes create for the local economy?

Harrah, of course, wouldn't return our calls even if we told him we were a SanTana councilmember with a vote to sell. But one thing's for certain: that yellow tape is one step closer toward the OBP monstrosity to happen. Gird your loins, activists...

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