Conservative Bush pal calls for launch of WW4 with Iran bombing

Invest Your SonsDan Chmielewski at first noted this editorial in yesterday's Wall Street Journal:

The Case for Bombing Iran I hope and pray that President Bush will do it. By Norman Podhoretz

According to Podhoretz, President George W. Bush is "a man who knows evil when he sees it." In this case, the evil is Iran, says Podoretz. He argues that the two current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan must be extended to Iran ASAP.

"It now remains to be seen whether this president, battered more mercilessly and with less justification than any other in living memory, and weakened politically by the enemies of his policy in the Middle East in general and Iraq in particular, will find it possible to take the only action that can stop Iran from following through on its evil intentions both toward us and toward Israel," writes Podhoretz. "As an American and as a Jew, I pray with all my heart that he will."

Such a battle should have a name, he said: "I call this new war World War IV."

Podhoretz thinks WW3 was the Cold War. A former Reagan Administration official, he has pushed for aggressive U.S. military actions around the world for four decades.

Kids, what do you think of reinstituting the military draft?


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