Commemoration of Armenian Genocide to Happen Tomorrow in Santa Ana with Film Screening

While the Armenian community in Glendale gets all the attention in Southern California, a small but vibrant one has existed in Orange County for decades, centered around Irvine and Fountain Valley, with its focal point 40 Martyr's Armenian Apostolic Church in SanTana (quick aside: I once crashed a quinceañera held at their Gugasian Hall years ago, fleeing an angry dad after I schtupped his comely daughter--good times!). It's a time of mourning for Armenians worldwide, as its the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, and the OC chapter of the Armenian National Committee of America will commemorate the genocide tomorrow with a ceremony and a film screening.

The film in question is Bolis, which per the PR flackage is "a film that tells the story of a successful musician journey to Istanbul for the first time. Armenak, the musician, eventually searches for his grandfather's old musical instrument shop in an attempt to discover his past in relation to his present self." There will also be short presentations by most of the Armenian organizations in Orange County. This is a great show of Armenian solidarity in a county that's an epicenter for the Armenian genocide-denial movement in the United States, so best of luck to them.

The event will start TOMORROW at 4 p.m., at 40 Martyr's, 5315 W. McFadden Ave, SanTana, or you can find out more information at ANCA-OC's Facebook page. See you there!

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