Comic-Con 2007: Superman Doomsday

You know this shit's getting way overcrowded when people form a long line to see a re-screening of a Superman cartoon movie.

I didn't stay for the whole thing for fear of missing the last trolley home, but here's what I did see.

The movie's done in the Bruce Timm animated style used for JLU and the Paul Dini Batman cartoons, except Supes seems to have really hollow cheeks. Adam Baldwin is Superman, and he does a good job. James Marsters seems decent as Luthor. As Lois, Anne Heche sounds way sexier than she is.

Thye movie doesn't beat around the bush -- it makes very clear that Superman and Lois have a sexual relationship. They don't get naked or anything, but we see them waking up next to each other in matching red pajamas.

Then LexCorp accidentally digs up Doomsday from the center of the earth, and he beats the crap out of Superman till they both die. This was about where I stepped out, but I'm guessing there's a reason for the sex insinuations -- Super-pregnancy?

It's not the most complex thing, but a fun cartoon. I wouldn't want to pay money to see it or anything, but it's easy watching.


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