Comic-Con 2007: Get Smart

Trailer is shown for the Get Smart movie, starring Steve Carell. Looks like a big-budget deal. Anne Hathaway is super-hot as Agent 99; Terrence Stamp is Siegfried, leader of KAOS. The Rock is Agent 22, Alan Arkin is the CHief, and it looks like WWE monstrosity Great Khali is in there too.

Scenes in the trailer: 99 holds a gun to Smart's head, says "Freeze!" He says "freeze" back. She replies "No, you freeze!" Smart: "Freeze times infinity!"

Trailer's final money shot is Smart flying a jet fighter, puking into a barf-bag. Then teh barf bag collapses and vomit goes everywhere.

Panel initially appears to just be supporting players: Nate Torrance, Masi Oka, and Ken Davitian (Borat). But then the Rock comes out to a massive ovation, and Carell follows with an even more massive one.

Guy in crowd yells out "Dwayne, flex!"

Peter Segal, director, says he worked with Mel Brooks and Buck Henry to get the right feel, but doesn't want to replace their version, wants to be "the other car in the garage next to the classic convertible." Hymie the Robot and Agent 13 are in the movie.

Asked if he had any funny anecdotes, Carell says "Peter Segal never wore pants on the set, or any underwear. And I found that funny."

Rock: "Especially when he wants to be called Big Pete!"

Carell calls it "The most fun I've ever had doing anything."

Question about the budget. Davitian goes "You people got paid?" Carell says it was 14 trillion dollars. He compares it to a comedic Bourne Identity. Says the best part of playing a spy is "I get to look like I'm athletic, coordinated, intelligent and sexy, whereas in real life I am none of the above."

Gorgeous woman in the crowd asks Rock "How much can you bench?" He replies "How much do you weigh?"

Asked to describe his character, Davitian says "I got to wear clothes." Rock: "...Thank God!"

Carell doesn't know much about next season of The Office, just says that now Ryan is Michael's superior, which will change the dynamic.


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