Comic-Con 2007: "Celebs" Behaving Badly

Okay, so...upstairs at the Convention Center is an area called the Sails Pavilion. In the morning, it serves as a holding pen for people waiting to enter the exhibit hall. During the day, several B-level names like "wrestling superstar Virgil" have autograph booths there.

Part of the pavilion is roped off for an art show (no photos allowed). You can only enter this part through a couple of doors.

Posted on said doors is the following warning:

"This is access to nowhere but the art show. If you try to use this as a pass-through, you will be turned back -- even if you're Sam Jones."

So the star of 1980's Flash Gordon has been trying to break the rules?

"Security! Flash Gordon approaching!" "Vhat do you mean...Flash...Gordon...approaching?"


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